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Monday, March 25, 2013

Hong Kong . The Blue House . 香港过百年湾仔蓝屋

Hong Kong 1st Grade Historical Building are now under the Protection of Hong Kong Government. 
This Blue Hour 蓝屋 located at 香港湾仔石水渠道,the was built during the year 1920 which is more than 100 years old. When the building was finished built, the workers only have blue paint on their hands and they did paint it with the blue paint. Seen after that the building was name with Blue House 蓝屋.To other Hong Kong people, they name this as 唐楼. 

What made Blue house is so unique, it is because the building is also built with balcony which you can hardly see it in Hong Kong nowadays. 
Another thing you might find it so strange about this Blue House is, the who whole building is without toilet flashing system, but you still can find residence living here even until now.
Now one of the portion is open to public for visiting as 香港故事馆. I not sure what is going be because it was still under renovation during our visit to here, but from the title of the Signage, it quite sound like they going to exhibit the local living culture to the public and the story about 湾仔.

In year 1872, the Blue House was transformed into a Chinese Meditation Hospital 华佗医院 to serve the local area residence. Local people also call it 街坊医院 which means Hospital of the Neighborhood. After the retired of the 华佗医院, it was immediately transformed into a temple.. and it was rebuilt into a 4 stories height 唐楼 in year 1920 and this is how the Blue House born. 

地址:    香港岛湾仔石水渠街74号
查询:    +852 2835 4376