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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hong Kong . Ilegaly Approaching Landscape Area . 非法越拦拍摄大角嘴夜景

When you see this Sign or wording, means you are at the right Station and get off to capture some Nice Scenery of Hong Kong... We are now approaching to one of the Hong Kong quite premium area call 大角嘴. You not only see some nice scenery over here, also you can find eagles flying in the Sky, people fishing by the rocks side and even couples having their great time here enjoying chatting to each other.

After you get down from the Station, you have to walk yourself to Olympic Town Shopping Complex 奥运城商场, then you walk out from that Complex and walking towards One Silver Sea Tower 一号银海一座.

In order to reach here, you are required to climb over a fencing which everyone who wanted to be here would do it. A sign is hanging on the fencing saying that, You are on your own after crossing the Fencing and your safety is responsible by no one...  

It was truly freezing out here, strong wind trumping my body... My body keep shacking when I standing still waiting for my camera to complete the Task.
Worth all my effort waiting and risking my safety here, the scenery is just so Great and at the same time I able witness the eagles flying so near to me, unfortunately I have no Zoom Lens with me... Few of them keep circling the area hunting for their victims...

People are spending their pleasure time fishing here...