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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hong Kong . Mong Kok Sai Yee St Starbucks . 旺角洗衣街 星巴克

Every time when you heard about Starbucks Coffee, perhaps you will only thought it is just another franchise store which  serve the same decoration everywhere globally.
But something is not the same over here at Hong Kong, Mong Kok 香港旺角. Sai Yee Street 洗衣街 is part of Mong Kok that well known as one of the most crowded area in Hong Kong. Not only local people like to visit here, it also quite welcome by all the tourist. 
Starbucks built one of their branch here at a Wai Kee House right at the corner of Sai Yee Street. It is really hard to believe that the Starbucks here is totally compare to others, of course not to mention about the one at Duddell Street.
It is just right at the 2nd floor of the building and the store consist of 2 floor, so it is quite a nice place for you to enjoy your leisure time here without interruption of the counter.

The inspiration from the local culture art made this happened... Together with the cooperation of G.O.D. and also a local artist name by 又一山 (黃炳培), Starbucks successfully bring up the magnificent feel of the local culture...

In order to bring out the local memories, the wall also painted with Graffiti, Graffiti is very popular nowadays you, can find it everywhere and it is something that can shown the point of view from local as well as the current teenagers thought. The artist uses Graffiti as their channel to express the local memories is such a great Idea.

Well, you are righ! A corner stacked with all theMahjongs, this is a traditional game that growing up with most of local. Hong Kong people like it so much, you can see them playing when they are free, during before wedding dinner or else they will simply walk in to Mahjong game store to play.

This branch already operated for more than a year, surprisingly we found less people are here comparing to the one at Duddell Street, majority of the customers here are local. It is quite comfortable and quiet during our visit here.

When you put your steps in to the 3rd floor, you will have a feeling that you are walk in into a 80's cinema... Every corner here simulate the decoration of the cinema in older days, the decoration are prissily simulate every single details of Cinema... you can even see the wooden cinema chairs and also the wooden showcase notice board are placed here.

A small corner here also capable of movie showing, Starbucks will regularly host some reminiscent movie for free... everyone is welcome to attend the showcase.

As for the theme of 楼上有好戏, the wall or the pillar here are decorated with the posters of the older days. 

Sai Yee Street
First Floor and Second Floor, Wai Kee House
89-91 Sai Yee Street
tel : 2789 8710
Mon-Thu 0800-2300 / Fri-Sat 0800-0000
Sun & PH 0800-2300

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