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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hong Kong . My Lunch at 兰芳园茶餐厅(尖沙咀店)

When you watching Hong Kong Drama, you can always find the scene people chatting inside the 茶餐室 or you may call it Hong Kong Style cafe... Currently, the living standard of  Hong Kong is getting tougher and tougher... to maintain such a kind of cafe is not an easy task. Now a day these kind of cafe is getting lesser and lesser... if you want to try out the localize cafe such as 兰芳园, you may make it fast or later you may only find it listed in the book of History.

蘭芳园 which locate at 九龙尖沙咀弥敦道36号重庆大厦活坊地库26号铺(近尖沙咀地铁站) which use to be visit by all the office workers are truly famous not only in Hong Kong also to other foreign who visiting here. Even 周潤發 Chow Yun Fat who is currently a international movie star also their regular customer. 

The place are always queuing up with crowd and you may find it is really pack inside the cafe... sitting with some stranger at a same table are really normal in Hong Kong, you really have to make yourself overcome it or else you will never able to enjoy your food...
When you are here, something you have to try are 脆脆猪 but never expect there is a pork meat inside... is  a ordinary toasted bun slide into half and serve with milk and butter... For drinks you may order yourself 奶茶, Milk Tea... This both ore quite common menu for the Hongkies.

   A pork meat Rice and a cup of Ice Coffee are what I order for my Lunch... 

They are still using quite a traditional way of keeping their coffee in a boiling temperature... 

Last thing I definitely want to mention about this place is, when you first put your foot into this cafe, never surprise that you see 谭咏麟, Alan Tham posters every where on the wall... and every of the poster are Signature by Alan Tham, it just like you are step into the Museum of Alan Tham. You can witness it by yourself when you are here.

36-44 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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