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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hong Kong . The Story of Bing Sutt Corner . Duddell Street Starbucks . 中環都爹利街星巴克

The Starbucks located at Duddell Street 都爹利街 was listed in my visiting spot when I was in Hong Kong... To be hornest, I'm not really a big fans of Starbucks but this Starbucks is unusual comparing to others... and you might only find it in Hong Kong.  Perhaps this is the world only one Starbucks that injected with the element of 50's Bing Sutt 五十年代冰室概念. Quite a impressive move from the Starbucks which they put they first step to crossover with the local famous G.O.D brand designer to simulated this Cafe into a  50's or 60's Bing Sutt Corner.

Now we are walking towards the Duddell Street Starbucks, and what you are looking at is the The Foreign Corespondents' Club of Hong Kong 香港外国记者会. This building is located just right before the Ice House Street 雪厂街. 
Not more than 50 meters of walking on the Ice House Street... We come to Duddell Street... 
Most of the people heard about the Duddell Street... but what a strange experience to me which is I only can get here with asking to the western who are working here and not the local Hong Kong residence...

The entrance of the Starbucks is located just right at the middle of the Duddell Street which it is also one of the tourist spot... It is famous with the Gas Lamp still hanging on the Stone staircase... Local people like to have their Pre-Wedding photo shooting to be done here and even TVB have this scene as their TV Drama here as well. The Gas Lamp Staircase was built in 15th August of 1979 and it is still serving well from 6pm to 6am daily with timer control. The staircase are currently listed in the protection of Hong Kong Government. 

All the while I only noticed there is such a Gas Lamp staircase over here and never realize there is such a unique Starbucks set their foot steps here. This is the main door entering to the Duddell Street Starbucks 汽灯街星巴克. It quite a narrow door entrance compare to others ha?! Well, let's see what is inside this legendary cafe at least to me... 

The front partial of the cafe is still remain with the current franchise design... nothing surprising me but when you turn your head to the left you will find the whole thing is 360 degree changed. 

At here you can notice that the atmosphere are back to the older days... every furniture and decoration are according to the 冰室 during the day of 50' and 60'.

Here also listed down the history of the Bing Sutt.

During the earlier day of Hong Kong, cafe are majority serving the Ice drinks and others like Ice cream and etc, so how it made everyone in Hong Kong like to name their restaurant or cafe as 冰室 which means it is a place where cold stuff are serving...

A great sign you can found on one of the corner over here which you definitely happy to see is, "you can simply take photos as you like".
So you might find this place filled up many people holding their camera in their hands and keep snapping photos...

菠萝油 also serve over here... which amaze me ... 

You also can see these labels sticking on the pillar at one of the corner...

Poster which used by the advertiser during the older days are here every where.. 

tel : 2523 5685