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Friday, March 15, 2013

Hong Kong . The Transportation . 香港公交

When you are visiting Hong Kong, the most easiest way to reach your destination is to take the local transportation. In Hong Kong what you can see most is the Double-Decker bus, Taxi or the local people like to call it 小巴, also never to miss out the Traditional transportation which keep Hong Kong so Unique, the Tram 电车. When the tram passing by or being to move, it always made the ding ding sound, that is why the local also call it as 丁丁 Ding Ding.
通天巴士 is the first ride we took after we get down from our flight in Hong Kong Airport. In Chinese translation, 通天巴士 means Bus connect to Sky... It really can?
Something I would like to mention, We met a great people who willing to change some small note to us for the Bus fair... She also very kind enough to teach us how to get to our destination.   

香港中环 Central of Hong Kong having the most complete Ding Ding services, you can take your ride from  中环 till 上环. Although there are many vehicles look the same but Hong Kong Government already renewed majority of them into more advance compartment, only a few of them remain the same wooden seats as the older days. If you are lucky enough, you might get on to it.

I was standing just right in the center of the road way to enjoy the every single Tram passing by... somehow I  find it is more interesting than I thought. May be this is one of the reason you should visit here when you are in Hong Kong. 

From Hong Kong Trams, Train, and Buses... We also took the Yun Lung 袁朗 Train...

Of course, bus services from Yun Lung to Hong Kong also available in the town center.

The Green color cab is only available outside of Hong Kong...


School Bus

There is a rule in Hong Kong for Drivers on road, you should not drive in front of the Ding Ding when you on road... You will be fine by the Traffic Police if you do so... So you can always have a Good Snap of those Ding Ding when they heading towards your direction...

When I was inside the Ding Ding .... Sitting at the upper deck of the Ding Ding, observing outside road through the windows, it is totally another kind of feeling comparing when you are standing on the road...