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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hong Kong . Woo Cow Hot Pot . 香港尖沙咀禾牛薈火煱館

Hot Pot 火锅 is one of the favorite of Hong Kong people specially during the cozy season. We decided to have a walk towards 尖沙咀 after  we hang out at the Avenue of Star for the Lighting show. It was quite cold during the night and it would be a great timing to have some Hot Pot for our dinner. It took us about 30 minutes to reached here at the Moo Cow Hot Pot 禾牛火锅 which located at Tsim Sha Tsui, Cameron Street 尖沙咀金马伦道. By the time we reaching here already almost 9pm in the evening... 
The Restaurant is located at 1st and 2nd floor to be exact. There is another branch which located at 九龙城北角道 which we might pay a visit on our next visit.
Moo Cow Hot Pot offer more than 10 types of Soup for your choices. The branch here at Tsim Sha Tsui is always crowded with Customers, so we have to do our booking in advance in order for us to ourselves a seats.

The type of ingredient for you to mix your own taste of Sources to serve with your dish later.
As for appetizer, we have 皮蛋姜.

This the main dish of all, the Beef... It is definitely look Great on the Table.

The Octopus 八爪鱼.
The deep fried Fish Skin炸鱼皮.

Not sure what is this call but definitely it is very tasty while chewing it.

卤水鸡脚 also one of the local delicacy.

香港, 尖沙咀金馬倫道48號中國保險大廈1樓及2樓
+852 3997 3369