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Monday, March 18, 2013

Hong Kong . Yuen Long . 元朗游吃 . B仔凉粉

Finally we reached the Yuen Long 元朗 MRT Station. Today we are here to meet some friends and to have dinner with them... We only have a half day time, so we not able to explore more at the near by area... Also as our purposes is just to visit friends over here, let see what our friends will bring us to where.

After we get down from the Hong Kong MRT 香港地铁, we still require to take another type of Train which just serving the local Yuen Long area. This is the Station Entrance which seem quite ancient. 

The internal of the train is totally different from the Station... It is way too modern compare to the Station. The train only two car. 
The train station is similar concept as the Ding Ding in Hong Kong, they built right in the middle of the road way.So after you get down from the train you still need to cross the road in order to reach the Shops or the walkway.

This is the first time we are in Yuen Long, in our thought, Yuen Long is a place that is quite a village feel... but when we get down the train and look at the walkway... we was so surprise that here is fulled of franchise shops and the crowed is totally freaking us out... 

So we went to a side and calling our friends to locate him, but unfortunately we was not at the right place... so we need to take the train again to go further into Yuen Long...

Hmm.... After we get down from the right station... this is more or like to what I was think of. Is a quite a peaceful and quiet place... Look at the train station, no crowd standing there at all...

To the house of our friends, we need to do some exercise which is walking... it took us about 20 minutes to reach their house... Along the way we saw this mail box right in the middle of no where, wondering how the residences here collect their mail daily.

Then we found something more interesting... 

We are almost there... but opposite the building is the graveyard of the local residence and you still can see the Bones container of the death. I dare not take the pictures of it, most of it are just sitting right beside the roadside and you can see it clearly when you walking by.

After some chatting at their house, and now we are sitting on a table in a restaurant call 新明苑 getting ready for our dinner. This restaurant is located at 元朗西裕街17號民康大廈3號舖地下1樓及2樓.The first dish on our table is the Roast Goose. So What our question to our friends is, is this Roast Goose 烧鹅 better than 深井? Their reply: This is definitely much more tastier than the one from 深津! Perhaps the local people are more sensitive and more explore to their own territory, they have more time to eat variety of choice and have the time to compare each and others, and for the foreign the just go to the most famous regardless the taste? Or why many people recognize the 深井烧鹅 is just because is a shout of advertisement, marketing strategy made it's way?  Well, I never taste the 深井烧鹅 before, so I have no comment at all but what I can tell you is the one right on the table is surprisingly tasty!

Here comes another Dish which by the name 文昌鸡. 

Pork serving with sweet potato... 

Fish Head Soup


The last dish is the 羊腩煲, Mutton Soup.
We came to a Famous B仔凉粉shop couple blocks away after we done our dinner at the restaurant just mentioned. The shop is so small and yet crowded with customers... We have have to hunt for our seats so have a taste of the B仔凉粉.

The wall hanging the pictures of movie stars who pay visit to the shop... 

In just a minutes we was serve with this Menu, the first thing pop up in my mind is to calculate the item on the menu, the menu is filled up with more than 150 choice on both side. Wow...!! After some understanding from the waitress, I only realize that most of the list on the menu is repeating. 

Wow... what a big bowl of Mix fruits..!!! No!!! This is not mix fruits, this is what we call B仔凉粉!!! 
This Giant bowl can serve up to 4 or 6 people at a time... it depends how hungry you are.
We only ordered one bowl for ourselves as we just finished our dinner... and everyone is still quite full.
Look at it, it contain more than 5 types of fruits including the 凉粉laying at the very bottom of the the bowl.

Even the cashier has to place at corridor to avoid miss use of the place inside the shop, every single inch in the shop is to serve the customers... I was like, ha!

Everything was done and we are heading back to Hong Kong 葵芳 with Bus, we need to do a exchange of bus at the mid way of going back.. The exchange station is right in the middle of Highway... It was freaking cold that night and we waited for more than 30 minutes to get on another bus heading back to our staying place.
What a tiring day and yet it worth.