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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hong Kong . Lan Fong Yuen . 中环旧街市蘭芳园

Chow Yun Fat 周润发 a Movie Star, will you wonder where will he hang out when he has some free time? He is a guy who like to experience the local delicacy and this is one of his favorite venue to fill up his leisure time. 蘭芳园茶餐室 Lan Fong Yuen Bing Satt,a store that serve long enough to witness the change of Hong Kong.
This store was initial operate in a hawker style and until recently the store has migrate into a shop lot but still they remain the Hawker Style Store right outside the Shop Lot. 蘭芳园茶餐室 Lan Fong Yuen Bing Satt a name that can attract many tourist from all around the world visiting here each and everyday... 
Here they serve delicious 丝袜奶茶, French Toast and other variety of Hong Kong Style of Food. The Store is just right opposite of a 7/11 which under the walkway of Cage Street at the Central of Hong Kong 香港中环结志街. 

In 1952, 林木河 established his store at this area and they are the first store implemented 港式鴛鴦 as well as the 丝袜奶茶, 丝袜奶茶 is formulated by the Tea from Sri Lanka and mixture with instant Milk all the way from Malaysia. 

The store is small and pack with all kinds of people and tourist from everywhere...together we sitting with some tourist from Taiwan as well... It was some misunderstanding happened during our visit over here, we witness some communication barrier within the waiter and the Taiwanese... It's quite a funny topic to share after I saw the incident.

No.2,Gage Street, Central of Hong Kong
Right at the Morning Market of Central

The second store which established by the year of 2009 is located 九龍尖沙咀重慶大廈地庫活方商場
Link is below