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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hong Kong . Man Mo Temple . 荷李活道東華三院文武廟

No one staying in Hong Kong will tells you “I don't know where is 文武庙". A more than 150 years old Temple that located at 荷利活道 Hollywood Street visited by the local and foreigner daily.
The building was funded by a local wealthy businessman and it is  form by 文武庙, 列聖宫 and 公所. In the year of 1908, this temple was listed under Hong Kong Protected Historical Relics. This Historical temple also known as 东华三院文武庙.

Many sacred activities going on during the festive season... The Temple is filled with many 长寿灯 and 祈福香 even during the ordinary days...

In the temple, you can find nothing more than the insane, the insane hanging everywhere in the temple, you hardly can find a empty space without it, and many photographer like to spare their time to shoot here, but what you need to take note is the timing... during the early morning when the sun able to shine it light into the temple would be the best timing... because together with the sunshine mixture with the smoke of the insane, it create extraordinary view of scene.

金榜题名, these words always remind me about the local mafia election... 

We also took the opportunity to pray for our beloved... 

Perhaps, after you visited this temple you can have your feet moving toward the nearby 古董街. It is just few steps away from the Temple.