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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hong Kong . FLower Market Road . 香港太子花墟道

Chinese New Year is near the corner and we decided to visit the Flower Market Road near to Prince Edward in Hong Kong 太子花墟道 as during this moment many kind of flowers will be displaying here for sales. To visit here we either have to walk from the Mong Kok  or Prince Edward station.
This will be a great opportunity to visit this area... you will happen to see many people will be here for buying themselves some season flower for the Chinese New Year celebration.

While we are here, we can see many workers are already here unloading the Goods from the Lorry. 

This fella even show us the a Good sign and others are just looking at him and smile... 

We continue walking and enjoying the fresh flowers displaying all along the roadside and corridor.

People are bargaining for the best price...

They even transformed the workshop into a florist... seem like it has better margin comparing to repair car.

What a huge Tree... Wonder who will buy it to put in their house...