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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hong Kong . Gam Wah Bing Sutt . 香港太子金華冰廳

Early in the morning as we decided to hang around at the Momg Kok area so we picked up this Gam wah Bing Sutt 金華冰廳 at 太子 to fill up our stomach before we start our journey. This Bing Sutt been around for quite sometimes and it is crowded everyday as it is. Many people will be here for taking away the 菠萝油, as they are well known with their most delicious 菠萝油.

The shop is small and pack as normal... Yet it is another Hong Kong style restaurant. Everyday tons and tons of neighborhood visiting here to fill up their stomach, perhaps you can pay less and have some great food here. 
You can even have some discount when you are here after 2pm, normally that will be address as 下午茶时间 which mean Tea Time and you can also get yourself some A 餐, B 餐 or even C 餐 which means Set A, B or C.

This is the 菠萝油 that really taste delicious... 
Something I must emphasis, the service is truly fast even during peak hour, you have your meal served within not more than 10 minutes... perhaps they want you to finished it fast give the seat to others so that they manage to get more earning to pay their very expensive Rental.
During nowadays, many small shop like this keep going down because of the rental, they just can't afford to pay their rental even with their shop is fully occupied daily. So by any chance if you are here nearby you must give it a try, who knows it will be here no more when the next trip you visit here.

地址 :  太子弼街47號地下
電話 : 2392 6830
類別 : 港式、茶餐廳/冰室
消費 : $40以下