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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hong Kong . Howker Style Cafe by the Staircase . 楼梯口的勝香园大排档冰室

Walking across the street from 牛纪牛肉面, here we come to another quite famous Hong Kong traditional style of Hawker cafe. I must said I had a bad experience during my lunch inside the 牛纪, everything just not according to what a customer wanted but it is totally in different when we are here at 勝香园 the stuff here are friendly and they are just so fast on the food serving also they never rush you off after you done your meal here.

Even at the hour of 2:30pm in the afternoon, the place is still crowded with people... local and tourist like to visit here for their tea time... although the place already slowly transform into a boutique street... many small business store are force to move out from here due to the rental. But no to this cafe by the staircase, they been here to witness the changes of the 歌赋街.

The workers here are more polite and gentle, they even serve you with patient... this lady keep smiling to us while she is taking order from the Taiwanese as they are not really familiar with local menu and need quite a lot of explanation from her.She is trying hard to explain to the Taiwanese as well.

Oh, here it comes, this is our 猪扒包. Great soft bun with delicious Pork Chop!

These are definitely some huge tin of 午餐肉!

See how many toaster she have to handle at a time.

While we are having our meal, we saw her but at first we never realize who she was until we heard some very fluent Cantonese coming out from her then we started to realize she is one of the actress in Hong Kong Drama. She also smile to me while I pointing my camera to her. As people always said when you visiting Hong Kong, you can easily spot some actor or singer and perhaps this is our lucky day?