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Monday, April 1, 2013

Hong Kong . Jockey Club . 香港赛马会 “快活谷”

The Hong Kong Jockey Club one of the must visit spot when you are here in Hong Kong, formerly known as The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club during 1960-1996. The Hong Kong Jockey Club 香港赛马会 claim to be one of the world most advance Horse Racing circuit, so with this information perhaps you must recompile your visiting spot during your planing to Hong Kong.
Every Wednesday evening, this road area will be closed down for club visitors. So walking from the 跑马地 station is the greatest idea. It will took you about 15 minutes to reach here. 
This night you can enjoy at least 12 session of Horse Racing. 

We have to walk to the F entrance after we reach the Jockey Club, that entrance is for Non member, Non Vip and non Luxury visitor. If you want to experience more and to be treated well, perhaps you can get yourself a 250HKD Ticket to be a premium visitor, by then you will be treated in a air conditional room, with a tour guide and some snakes. 

For us, we just paid 10HKD to enter the most nearest to the racing circuit and crowded with a lot of forefinger. Once you enter the this area, you can the 7 stories tall Observation building is circling the race track, of course those are for premium. We are mixing with the others who is just a ordinary visitors. Here you purchase the beer at the counter or even Mc Donald Store selling foods. Beer is always welcome by the western especially during the cooling season like now, current temperature is only at 18 degree. 

People are seeking for the tips and studying before the race.

I found myself a great spot to take photos... I'm just lining at the race track fencing, before the race start, this workers are in the middle of repairing the grass.
It going to start very soon.

Well well well, my wife bought us a Ticket! 
Let see how it goes..!!

Everyone is so excited, the race is going to begin very soon.

We does won ourselves a guess after we had lost the ticket earlier on.

Look at their smiling face, does it means they won themselves some token?