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Friday, April 26, 2013

Macau . Grand Lisbao Hotel . 澳门新葡京酒店

I believe many people has been here visiting the 新葡京 Grand Lisbao Hotel and Casino and same goes to me. Everytime when coming to Macau I will be here walking on this street and somehow will be walking into the Hotel Lobby. When mentioning about staying here in this hotel, this is the first time. 

The Lift Lobby at the 26th  Floor of Grand Lisbao Hotel Macau.
Great thanks to our Hong Kong friend who kind enough to spend us the stay at Macau most remarkable Hotel. We was welcome and brought to our room by the Room Manager of the hotel.
Inside the room of Grand Lisbao which cost around 4,500 per night.
The first look at our room, everything is just so Luxury to us... Bose surround sound system and unlimited supply of drinks, also the huge room space. It is really kind of feel to be stay at such a expensive room. To me, the most important thing to do during the travel is to hangout at spot we wanted to visit and not inside the room but with such a luxury, it might be the other way round?

LED reading lamp by the bed side.

The Apple Juice in the ROOM.
As the hotel management know our friend like to drink Apple Juice during their stay, they also prepare us the same drinks as well. We can enjoy the unlimited refill by the hotel management, of course same goes to others drinks.

A huge space for resting with pure leather seats
The resting place with huge full glass windows equipped with electric windows blind as well...
The Bath Room
Not only the room are just great, also please look at the Bathroom, inside here you are serve with 2 LCD screen, one at the washing place and another at the in front of the toilet bowl. 

The LCD behind the mirror.
The LCD is placed just right behind the mirror, it will automatically switch on when you standing in front of it. So you can enjoy the news which you cleaning yourself during the morning and before you sleep.

The Steam Room controller.
The Bathroom not just only a bathroom, it also a steam room, you can enjoy your sonar session sitting inside the bathroom before you taking your shower. Everything can be adjust at the controller here.
The Rain Shower.

Not enough with the steam room and the rain shower? Perhaps you can also enjoy yourself with this Jacuzzi. You also can switch on the massaging system when you are resting in the Jacuzzi.
What a wonderful experience.
Oh Ya! Never forget to mention, here also serve with Hermes shower gel, soap, condition and etc...

Perhaps this is a quite an old hotel to be mention at Macau, there are now much more newer and luxury hotel building each and every year to attract the Tourist from China and elite group from all round the world.
To me, this is a more than what I expected. What say you?