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Friday, April 19, 2013

Macau . 澳门 . 入夜葡京路

Perhaps nobody wouldn't the landmark of Macau, The Grand Lisboa Casino. Grand Lisboa is the only and the Highest Building at Macau, there is non of the building is taller than this, not even the Macau Tower. We decided to get some walk on the street after some rest at our hotel room, also we are expecting our friend at the same time. 
I have made some long exposure capture during the spare time before we walk to fill up our stomache.

Grand LisBoa . 新葡京

Avenida de Lisboa . 葡京路

新葡京 . Grand LisBoa

葡京 . Casino Lisboa

葡京 . Casino LisBoa

Grand LisBoa . Casino LisBoa