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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Macau . Magic Moment on Top of Ruins of St. Paul's . 澳门大三巴牌坊上的夕阳

Most of the people mainly will be focusing at the front of the Ruins of St. Paul's structure when you visiting here, one of the very famous and must visit tourist spot here in Macau, and you might overlook the rest of the area near by it. Somehow you should be here by the right timing to witness the very beautiful and breath taking moment at another corner of the Ruins of St Paul's. Make some extra efforts and climb extra staircase to be here at the top of the mountain, you will find yourself up on top of the Museum... May be you will find the place quite empty and boring with just a few pieces of Canon placing here but when the moment came, everything will be changed, the scene will be 360 degrees turn around... If you are a landscape photo shooting lover, you determinately need to be here by the right timing. A place I would recommended to held for your Pre Wedding Photo Shooting as well.

We started our journey from our hotel toward the Ruins of St Paul's 大三巴牌坊 approximately 4:30pm local time... Of course we took our time to scout around for some delicious food and others. The place is really crowed with many China people tourist, you can see them every where and spending money like water.

This is the path toward the Structure... and along the path you can see many old building been refurnished and turns into franchise store... workers been orders to distribute sample food for visitors to try out, so that you will return before you go back for some Gifts.

Finally, we are here right in front of the structure, we even found a couple shooting their pre wedding photo here, but seem to be too crowed, I wonder how they can have a nice clean at this kind of situation... it is much much more people comparing to my last visiting here. You can hardly find a empty space for photo shooting, but this not my concern.

I kept myself walking, and I found this angle less people standing so I decided to make a quick snap.. of the building to be my memories...Then I move on again, I was told that, there is another sweet spot for photo shooting lover like me... with no extra time wasted, I move myself to the right of the structure and found a staircase leading toward the museum... in the Museum you will have to pass thru a escalator and then you will be on the roof top of the Museum.   

Here I'm on top of the mountain or the Museum... here with less of crow, to me this place is much more comfortable comparing to just now... I was at the right timing and the Sun is about to set. I find a good spot to place my bag and start setting up my gear for the Sunset Shoot...

Here you can find many angle of nice View with Nice color SKY... I think today was a great day to have Sunset shoot as you can hardly see the cloud in the sky... is just so clean and nice.

This is another angle which you can see the Macau Tower...

I love this shoot so much... as you can see reflection just inch perfect...