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Sunday, July 28, 2013

aku Cafe & Gallery . 亞榖咖啡文化走廊 @ Kuala Lumpur

Today me and my wife suppose to be visiting a Photography Exhibition at Gospel Church Hall which located at Jalan Hang Jebat but unfortunately we found out that the Exhibition only will open to public by 4:30pm in the late afternoon...Since we are 4 hours ahead of schedule, so we decided to hike to Jalan Panggong crossing Jalan Sultan. 30 minutes of walking we come to this "aku Cafe & Gallery" 
This cafe is something different from others which we visited before... Internally quite spacious or should I said the owner more concerning about the scene of sight? You may want to experience it by your own.  

 As written, the shop operate from 11am till 8pm in the evening and they are off on every Monday. 

 A floor above of "aku Cafe & Gallery" is a 工会 which I found quite disturbing when there is someone singing but after we went into the cafe, the noise is totally isolated.

 We were serve with a bottle of cold water after we are seated, the bottle is so nice and we was about to ask the owner where she got it from but till the end we never did that and went off. After we went home, I just found out that the bottle is a well known brand from Italy, also a truly handmade container.
 The concept here is quite simple yet it is quite comfortable and warm.

 Both wall were decorated with Tsai Ming-Ling's Movie Poster, he is a Film Director who is born in Kuching, Malaysia... He was once nominated as Award of Best Film Director and Award of Best Film Designer. What the story behind? According to what I know, the coffee bean was bring in by a Taiwanese who was once  funded by Tsai Ming-Liang, so as memories or to be remembered, the owner decorated the cafe with Tsai Ming-Liang's works。

This Television bring me a lot memories, I still remember that I was watching this at my house during the older days... Wonder this is still working as it still looks new to me.

 First I ordered a cup of Hot "The Gold Top Mandheling & Brazil", this coffee's characteristic quite aggressive, the taste are quite strong towards bitter. It's taste quite unique, you will truly amazed by the taste once you seep it into your mouth and unforgettable.

Non of the movie on the wall I watch before... and I having difficulty reading the movie title on the poster as well... So are these what we call ART?

  The Second Cup.
I order myself another cup of Coffee, but this round I ordered myself a cold one.
Ice Drip Coffee..
It was serve with dripped cold black coffee and Coffee Ice cube mixing into the cup of coffee as well... with this formula, the coffee will never get lighten.