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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Famous Thai Style Curry Mee at Kao Soy Nimman Chiang Mai Thailand . 清迈经辣超美味加里面

Chiang Mai, a Northern part of Thailand which visiting by many tourist every year, but to some of the people who can't eat HOT might find eating curry mee at here is a torturing activity. No matter how, this is somewhere you must visit if you seeking for delicious food although the food here are quite spicy. Kao Soy Nimman which is a restaurant famous with their Curry Mee, and other Northern Thai Style delicacy.
The word Khao Soi is derived from the Burmese language which means “noodles”. Unlike other Thai noodle dishes, the broth for these egg noodles is made from coconut milk. The Burmese preparation of this dish is called Ohn No Khauk-hswe.  Khao Soi comes in a variety of beef, pork and chicken. Eaten with the traditional condiments of sour and salty pickled mustard, roasted chili sauce, a squeeze of lime, and sliced raw shallots, this substantial dish satisfies but doesn’t overwhelm.
I find this place very nice and calm especially during the evening, you can have a cup of drinks with your love one...

Unlimited plain water to serve while you having your meal here. Erm... This is a good news for those who can't stand the spicy buy yet like to eat HOT.

This place is located at the University area. 

Finally our order is here served on our Table... 
The Famous Curry Mee serve with Squid, Fresh Prawn, and some other Pork mixture...
The noodles tasted fresh, the stock was spot on intense, rich and with a good kick to it and options included crispy pork, seafood, classic chicken or fish. The price is 50 to 75 baht depending on your choice, so a bit pricier than the standard market version, but worth the extra few baht and it’s a good sized portion too.

Another type of Curry Mee which serve with some crunchy snacks....
Me myself like this a lot, but I not sure what does it call.. just simply pick from the Menu... and it is Pork but it is Extremely HOT...

Tom Yam Soup which serve with dry Chili, Extreme Hot, we can't finish it.

This is another favorite of mind... the Mushroom dipping with Chili mixture powder... quite HOT but it is nice to eat....

Kao Soy Nimman
Nimmanhemin Soi 7
T: (053) 894 881
Open daily 11:00-22:00