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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Syok Hotel . Another Cool Budget Hotel @ Penang Island

Recently more and more Budget Hotel joined the accommodation roll, as to become more aggressive in the competition, owner or investor transformed the old ancient building into urban style budget hotel to serve their visitor. In order to be more welcome by the visitors, they put a lot of effort into their building in terms of decoration, as well as the tidy of the place. To preserve the uniqueness of the building and to let the visitors still can enjoy the stay in an ancient atmosphere, the owner give more than 100% of care during their transformation and design.
Syok Hotel which located at the corner of Jalan Chulia attracted our stay during our visit to Penang Island recently. The hotel is facing a Indian Cinema, the Hotel also surrounded by many Budget Hotel and you can see many tourist walking around during the day time.
The hotel located at consider quite a convenient location, which allowed you access to many cafe or attraction near by.
In the Hotel, which really brought my attention is the Toilet, the toilet or the bathroom is located at the common area which you need to share with other just like other budget hotel, but the uniqueness is, all the bathroom or the toilet door are renovated with wooden door and painted with all kinds of pattern.
Well, this is another common area in the hotel which give a very comfortable feel during my stay over... This area is located at the first floor of the hotel, during day time and the night time, you can hardly seeing people sitting here as you know tourist or the people who are here quite concerning on their time visiting others attraction point nearby. I did spent my night here having my drinks, you can really siting here quietly and rest your mind.

I was with my camera during my spare time here, and I really love this photos, the round arch with the scratches on it... This tells the story of the TIME.

The walls in the hotel also decorated with these kind of wording, sometimes these kind of words really meaningful and bring you some ideas on how you live.

 This is the common area where they serve the Breakfast and you can enjoy your free time here reading as well as watching the TV... 

Ha! that is board! The tittle is Before you Die, what would you want to do?!!!!

Early in the morning after My Sunrise Shoot, here is where I hang. As usual, my cup of coffee...

Have fun with it, or you might too busy visiting eating and hunting for tourist spot?

The main entrance where you still can the see preservation of the original tiles.

Oh! almost forget to show you how the rooms look like.
This is a share room which consist of 6 beds.