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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Clan Jetty HomeStay @ Penang Island

No doubt Penang Island is one of the most attracting tourism place in Malaysia, tons of tourist visiting this island every year and more and more hospitality being develop in every corner of the state... 5 Star hotels, transformation of Luxury Hotel from an antique building, budget hotel, backpacker Hostel, you name it, and you can get it here.
Of course, every people know that you 5 Star hotel is all about luxury stay will bombastic felicities which I think it is not so quite necessary for me as tourist who like to explore whole day under the Sun. Perhaps it will be a different story if I just a few days relax trip, so that i can fully utilize the hotel felicities. Well, I had tried the Backpacker hostel, which I found cheap and comfortable at there... 
This time I would like to try out something new which it seem to be quite interesting and it just recently renovated into a fully furnished Home Stay House. Not sure what it call, I just found it on the internet and it available for rent at RM 150 per night, it sound not cheap but it worth a try... It located at the end of the Famous Clan
Jetty, you can easily access to Tan Jetty and other Surname Jetty which just a few minutes walk away. You would want to ask me, what is so great about here?
I would tell you, you can easily access to greatest Sunrise View at Penang when you staying here by the right timing. Other than Sunrise View you already can sit at the Jetty or near by to witness the earliest Ferry depart from the shay.
Hawkers food always right by your side when you feel hungry, at night you can walk to the roadside and you will find these hawker food store selling different kind of local food which I found it is quite nice and cheap, especially the Nasi Lemak which selling by a lady... many different dishes for your choice to mix with the Nasi Lemak, it is not often you can see Chinese selling Malay food but you can find it here in Penang. 
When come to the festive season of the local Chinese, you can always yourself easily integrate with them. Resident here like to celebrate the festive season together, it shown the harmony of the people who live here... During a night when it was raining and I found myself under the shelter of the local temple... during that time, people here are preparing for the praying ceremony, they never ask us to go away but share us a chair to be part of them. It was a great opportunity for me to witness how they send their prayers to the GOD of Ocean. 
To me, I find it was a great experience to have my nights here staying at Chew Jetty... to you, you might want to give it a try when you are here visiting Penang Island.

Clan Jetty Heritage Home
22, New Jetty,Weld Quay,10300 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel : 012-4739993