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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One of a Kind . M Boutique Hotel & Luxury feel Old Town White Coffee Freanchise Store.

Never know there is such a Hotel located at a nonstrategic place in Ipoh, Hala Datoh a place where you never think to visit or to explore here hidden a Uniquely decorated Boutique Hotel. M Boutique Hotel, a simple hotel name but never a simple decorated hotel definitely will brighten your eyes.
 After I walk around, I only can say, the owner really put a 100% effect to decorate and renovate the hotel, as you can from material to finishing all perfectly done. Even the washroom will give you brand new experience.

The interior of the hotel is decorated with fancy and sophisticated  furniture, the kind of feel are mostly towards french style.
specially the those large amount of small little drawer behind the check-in desk.

Currently the hotel still having promotion to their hotel guests. Perhaps you can pay your visit here to discover they theme room. 

These are ordinary case, but those are metal case... 

Apple machines are available to be use by the hotel guests... at the lobby hall.

Washroom basin.
That is not all about M Boutique Hotel, right beside the hotel you will find a Old Town White Coffee store. 
As you might wonder why is this Old Town is quite a different from others which you visited before, even the menu here is different. 
When I sitting at here I never feel that I'm siting inside of Old Town but inside some Luxury Fine Dining Restaurant.

During lunch time, there is not much people but just right after lunch time, people are keep coming in for a cup of coffee or perhaps just to have a feel of this coffee shop?

erm... Enjoy and please do not SQUAT.

Can you recognized this MENU?

Hala Datoh
31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
4° 35.314', 101° 4.800'