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Friday, July 11, 2014

Papaya Vintage Gallery . Bangkok, Thailand


Perhaps not many people has been here during your visit to Bangkok Thailand, this is a 3 stories height factory size Junk Yard treasuring with tons of antiques.
All the Items here are used and some was used during filming, every item has their pricing and you just need to snap a picture and show it to the owner and you can start negotiation with him because once you stepped the Factory there will no one to entertain you unless you walk back to the entrance where the owner is sitting.
For you who want to decorate your house or interior, this might be one of the great place to explore.
Perhaps my pictures able to tells how great is this place.

This is how it look like when you want to have a big screen during last time and the both front Giant Speaker really make you "WOW"

Perhaps some of you might not even seen such a TV before...

Hello Hello.... Anyone There?

Wonder all this High End HiFi still working or not?

Anyone want some coffee?

Most the the bicycle here are one of the most renowned brand during those time and it worth couple of thousand dollar each, but they ended up here.

This is how the main entrance look like.

Soi Lat Pharo 55/2, Lat Pharo Road Wang Thong Lamg, Bangkok 10310

You can get down from Lat Phrao Station after you took the MRT. you just need to show the TAXI drive the address, they will able to bring you there and it only cost you not more than 60 BAHT.