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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Food Searching at Chang Seon Dong & BIFF, Busan, South Korea

During last year autumn, we bought out flight tickets toward the place which recently famous with their love story and drama as well a mysterious guy suddenly popped from no where change the entire hit rate of YouTube. Correct, the place which I mentioning is Korea and finally we landed at Busan of Korea. I will never miss out the good food during my visit to Busan Korea, before we hunting for the fresh Seafood, we decide to get something light while we passing by the street which I know with the name of Chang Seong Dong. The Chang Seong Dong is quite near to the famous place call BIFF 

The street is actually just walking distance from Jagalchi train station. You will never miss out this street when you walking on the main street, it is quite obviously because it really looks like a market to me.
This kind of experience is similar when you visiting Vietnam,  you will be serve with small stool which is only a meter height. and you can have your choice of food. 

We chooses a store which selling kind of food which is similar with Kim-chi style, not sure what it's call, we just point to food we want and the aunty will use the chopstick pick our choice of food to a plate. 

This is how it looks like when it on the plate... before it served, it is actually placing on a big plate...

The price quite reasonable, and for sure you will filled up with it. Of course it quite delicious to my and suit my taste of food very much.

After some food, we just took a few steps towards BIFF, a place where you can find people are dating for movie... and you also may find some hawkers store here.

I  get myself some charcoal cutter fish and my wife get herself a very famous  local snack... never know what it's call but it look like "Ma Chi" to me.

This is how it look like.

That's the one which selling the snacks I mentioning, it is definitely pack with people... people's like it a lot not only tourist but even local.