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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Korea . Seoul . Seodaemun Prison

Seodaemun Prison History Hall is a special museum located at Seodaemun Independence Park. It was built near the end of the Joseon Dynasty (~1910), and was where Japanese soldiers tortured then later executed Korean followers of the Independence Movement. Seodaemun Prison History Hall was built in remembrance of Seodaemun Prison, and to salute the Korean patriots. There you'll find seven jail cells, a historical exhibition hall, an execution room, watchtowers and a basement jail cell where Yu Gwan-sun an historic figure during the independence movement died. The 1st floor is “A Place of Reverence,” where you can learn about Seodaemun Prison via the graphic systems. A large screen shows the background of its founding and the transition periods in its history. The Material Room has displays and information on Korea's history. The museum also holds special exhibits. The 2nd floor is “A Place of History,” where you can view the “National Resistance Room,” “Prison History Room” and the “In Prison Life Room.” This floor shows examples of how the people fought through this dark chapter in history continuing to hold on to their hope and resolve for freedom. “A Place of Experience” is the most horrifying and dreadful place in the prison. In the “Temporary Detention Room” and “Torture Room” you will see recreated torture scenes that are frighteningly realistic. At the Seodamun Independence Park nearby you can visit the Independence Hall, the Patriotic Martyr Monument, the March 1st Declaration of Independence Monument, relic no. 32 and no. 33.

This is the main gate of the prison and you will never found it open widely, for you visit, you need to cross through the small door beside the main gate. After you get your ticket, you will be able to walk around freely visiting the compound of the prison.

After you entering the prison building you will found lot's of information exhibit here. you also will witness the demonstration of the environment during the days.

This is the miniature of the full structure of the Prison building.

The Hall of Death!
This is the room where all the dead prisoner are published on the wall... I definitely not feeling comfortable while I was here inside this room... and I felt really creepy.

The close up of the pictures publishing on the wall.

This is how it look like during those days inside the prison.

The equipment used for punishing the prisoner.

 The prison hall with lot's of prison rooms.


During those days, the prison door still equipped with wooden door and not steel door.

After we finished visiting inside the building, we found ourselves walking around inside the prison compound taking some fresh air. Friendly speaking the environment outside the building is truly refresh able.