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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vietnam . Ho Chi Minh . Another Great Trip with Friends. The Very First Day

Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam or perhaps the local people would like to call it the Saigon, a city that never too bored to visit and visit again. Even this is not the first time I visiting here but still I find it is extremely exciting to walk around in the City.

After we drop out belongings at the Backpacker Hostel near to  Pham Ngu Lao street where by a place that most dedicated to backpackers or tourist who travel themselves to here, because you can find the cheapest hotel over here and you can never have your night too bored to hang out on the street over, I would say you have have your happy hour all night long over here, you can have everything here, you name it and they have it for you.

Nhà thờ Huyện Sĩ
01 Tôn Thất Tùng Phạm Ngũ Lão Quận 1
The picture shown our first stop over which is a Church just near to of the junction located not from from the our Hostel. Although this is not a very famous tourist spot but we decide to step into it, perhaps we might find something interesting and not seen in our home country. and "yes" we spotted something that we will not see in other country but here in Vietnam.

We found all these sign hanging on a wall at a corner of the Church and you might wondering what is this all about, these are the signage of the pass away. Their beloved will come here to present their prayer to them over here.

After that stop we continue our walk towards some famous spot in the Saigon City. Along the road you will find all there hawker selling coffee at the side walk or the building and the Vietnam coffee is one of the most renowned drink in world wide.

Motorbike are their main transport in the busy streets, you will find tons of motorbike crossing on you while you trying your very best to cross the road... but you can just walk over bravely and stop at the middle, one amazing thing is, they will never crash on you. Should I say they are use to it or their skill is too great?

Well, you might want to tell that person is not belongs to the current century? but yes she is, and she is in the traditional wear of Vietnam.

The flower Market near to 
Viet Ben Thanh Market
P. Vietnam 44 Phan Bội Châu

These are just a small portion of the motorbike picking up after the traffic light.

Took us about 20 mins walk to reach her from our hotel, this is the most famous church in Saigon City. I never have a chance to step into it when I was here last time due to the church will be closed after 4pm.
The Link to my previous attempt -

The iconic stature of the Maria.

This the very first time I step into the building and it is just too great to witness the great view of it.

At the same time I also witness some couples having their great time nearby the church having their pre wedding photo shooting.

I would say the Bride is definitely pretty and charming.

We walk over the very ancient POST office of Saigon after we done visiting the Church just across the street.
Saigon Central POST OFFICE
Click the below for full coverage of the POST OFFICE

As using another path going back to our hotel, we passing by a secondary school of Saigon. They just finished their class and coming out from the school.

The bicycle with Fruits at the small lane of the going back to our hostel.

The back lane.

Another scene which I always curious which is a lot people specially man like to sit at the road side and doing nothing but talking to others or may be reading newspaper, somehow you might find most of them drinking coffee at the road side with the small little stool.

The women are definitely and opposition of the Man, they are always working.

These are the photos of today and we are preparing ourselves for the night outing soon....

Do wait for my Day 2 as we are going to further north of Vietnam MuiNe.

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