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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Korea . Busan . BeoMeoSa Temple

Korea . Busan . BeoMeoSa Temple

The mountain where Beomeosa is found is said to have huge rock at the summit where there is a golden well which never, ever dries up. The water of this well is believed to have very special magical properties as one day a golden fish came from heaven and has lived there ever since.

Beom(;) = nirvana - eo(;) = fish - sa(;) = temple. Thus the name of the temple came to be Heavenly Fish. It is also claimed that the fish came from Nirvana, the Buddhist state of non-suffering. Therefore, the temple also became known as The temple where fish from Nirvana Play.

On December 26, 2011, the Los Angeles Times printed a story of the fighting monks at this temple. South Korean Buddhist monk Ando demonstrates Sunmudo martial arts techniques. Monks from Beomeosa Temple are famed for defeating Japanese invaders during the late 16th century and again during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the early 20th century.